Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting

Our Osceola Turkey hunting facility is located in central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. You can fly into Tampa International or Orlando International airports. You will need to arrange for transportation to the ranch, however, once you arrive transportaion at the facility is provided.Jim Seymour has been offering quality Florida turkey hunts for over 30 years. Those hunting with Jim have included:

  • Harold Knight and David Hale who actually videotaped hunts at the facility
  • Neal Cost, the Stradavarius of turkey call makers
  • Earl Mickel, the writer of many published books on call making
  • Peck Martin and Albert Paul, well known turkey call makers

Our season runs from the 3rd Saturday in March through the 3rd Sunday in April. As you can see our season is short so booking earl assures you the best dates. Our terrain is normal Central Florida woodalnds, palmetto, swamp lands, and open pastures. During our season one can find hot humid Florida weather, cold and rainy weather, or a combination. The hunts last for 3 days which include food and lodging.

Our Florida turkey hunting is not on a preserve. We do not hunt over bait, behind fences, or use released birds. The hunts are conducted on all private lands andsemi guided, a true Osceola Turkey hunt. The elusive Osceola is a sit and wait situation … don’t think you’re going to run up on the bird … he will elude you. Calling is soft and should no be aggressive.

It is suggested that you consider the following regaring Camo: head to toe camo is needed to ompletely cover you including clothing, gloves, masks, hats, and boots as these turkeys have very sharp eyes. Almost any camo colors will work in Florida. We suggest rain gear, mosquitto repellant or therma cells, turkey vest with seat cushion, small flashlight and camera with extra batteries/film.

Licenses can be purchased through http://www.myfwc.com . While turkey hunting there is no extra charge for wild hog hunting.